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Spidertech Hamstring Spider Blue

Spidertech Hamstring Spider Blue
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Hamstring pain is generally experienced as a sharp pain in the back of the upper leg
It is normally caused by stretching of the muscles that run along the back of the thigh beyond their normal range
People who experience hamstring pain will commonly hear a ‘pop’ or tearing feeling that accompanies the sharp pain
When experiencing moderate to severe hamstring pain, it is very common to see bruising and discoloration on the back of the leg
Severe hamstring injuries can be very painful and that pain can linger for months if not addressed
Moderate hamstring pain can often be treated at home
In many cases, the SpiderTech Hamstring Spider can reduce the pain of a strained hamstring, and can allow the speedy resumption of normal daily activity.

The Spidertech Precut Hamstring Spider is made from Kinesiology tape and offers
• Decreased minor pain and enhanced support while still being able to move freely
• Improved performance
• Relieves pressure at the point where you are getting minor pain
• Aids in the prevention of further injury
• Provides protection during healing
• For single use only

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