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Spidertech Ankle Spider Blue

Spidertech Ankle Spider Blue
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The SpiderTech Ankle Spider relieves pain in the ankle without the use of drugs
At the same time, it provides support to the joint without limiting its mobility
Sprained ankles are often associated with sports, but can be caused by high-heeled shoes and boots, and by shoes that don’t fit correctly or have poor support
Sprains will create instability, soreness, stiffness and swelling, all of which are unpleasant
The SpiderTech Ankle Spider can help alleviate much of the pain and discomfort that accompanies these symptoms
SpiderTech Ankle Spiders provide five consecutive days of drug free pain relief and help you get back to your everyday life.

The Spidertech Precut Ankle Spider is made from Kinesiology tape and offers
• Decreased minor pain and enhanced support while able to move freely
• Restore normal muscle activation
• Improved performance
• Aids in the prevention of further injury
• Provides protection during healing
• For single use only

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